Analysis Of Against Meat By Jonathan Safran Foer

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Name: Dwight Walters
Date: 10/22/2017
Course: English Composition 1013-0011
Topic: Critique

Against Meat

Jonathan Safran Foer, a novelist gives us his thought to chew on with his opinion against meat where he brings out his experience and arguments in this article to sum up the effects meat have in today’s world, in health and also the general effects it have on the earth, have drastically crumbled making the world an inhabitable place. Which I totally agree with! Because we as human lack the understanding of how meat is produce and the general idea that follows behind of it. We often enjoy the love of eating meat and are blind to the horrible effects within the meat industry. Jonathan Safran Foer presents his main ideas
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Foer portray memories of his baby sitter who didn’t wanted to hurt anything, because at one time when they were have meal around the table he asked her, “why she wasn’t having chicken with my older brother and me” (Pg00). Not knowing she was not trying to eat the chicken because it been hurt. But with little understanding he didn’t understand. Therefore, he then realizes then she had a great point and why no one ever told him this and at that point he started thinking about changing his life. Jane Velez- Mitchell a journalist for CNN news in 2014, wrote an article on “Factory Meat, Cruel and Bad for Us” where she interpret how some 9 Billion Cows, Calves, Pigs, Lambs, Turkey and Chickens that are slaughtered a year in The U.S. Moreover she expresses how our own lives would improve if we started showing some basic decency. In all Jane Velez- Mitchell is saying, “We need to eat less meat for a healthier planet”. A slew of investigations by Mercy for Animals, PETA and the Humane Society of the United States have uncovered repeated instances of vicious abuse of animals headed for slaughter. On the other hand, she included a quote from the Vice president of Farm Animal Protection at the Human Society Paul Shapiro where he stated, “Animal abuse is the norm in the meat industry”. My thought on this is that the fast production of meat is a …show more content…
Why do people love eating meat? I guess is something they grow up eating, eating meat is something individuals inherit throughout generations. But Safran reason was because he was just human and he didn’t understand the health crisis and the causes of eating meat. A majority may argue that eating meat is good for the human body the other my say it is bad. Is eating meat a good or bad practice for the human body? Rachel Krantz submitted a blog in 2016 on and she mention that, by know people should heard that eating meat is bad for you”. The World Health Organization made headlines and declared processed meat a “carcinogen” that increases your risk of colon or rectum cancer by 18%. She also the mention the bad meat cause by like: increases risk of heart disease and diabetes, makes the body resistance to antibiotics, the hormones in meat, it contribute to erectile dysfunction in men and even causes risk of death which scientist has approve. Safran then found a woman who later became his wife and later found themselves discussing two surprising topics “Marriage and Vegetarianism” but most importantly vegetarianism. Safran mention, “her history with meat was remarkably like his” (pg00). There were things she believed while lying in bed at night, and there were choices made at the breakfast

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