Summary Of Ruth Ozeki'sMy Year Of Meats?

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My Year of Meats has a particular way to display a genre in ways that other novels do not have with her unique way of presenting, Ruth Ozeki uses “meat” not just in the title but as a way that women (like Akiko) believe that they’re seen as which is cattle, I saw the metaphorical “equation” as body = meat and women = cattle. Ozeki also, most likely, did not put the clear use of cause and effect based on the fact that non-literal connections can be made about men towards women and cattle. Also, Ozeki had written this not only to read the fictional story of Akiko but to see a bigger picture of her culture and how people’s differences don't matter and to get past those differences of a person.
The particular use of meat throughout the novel has interesting uses and is not just one idle that the reader could focus on, which is also why the novel deviates from different genres. Beginning with the title “My Year of Meats” sounds like a normal title but seeing how it says “meats” makes it sound foreign which is probably all intentional to present what the book is about which is a foreign woman finding herself with a new life in America with the meat industry sponsoring “My American Wife” and overcoming her difficulties in her “year of meats”. In addition to the title the whole narrative of the book is focused on meat and the meat industry, as once again “My American Wife” is sponsored by EX-BEEF. Jane comes to where she has to write a sales pitch for the show which starts

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