Are Two Heads Really Better Than One? Essay

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After reading the assignments out of our book it was very obvious that we were going to have a project that goes with the reading we just completed. After going through the whole process and through all the ups and downs it allows for me to give an answer to the question, “Are two heads really better than one?”. Since this project was completed and as the project was very productive I can state that I do believe two heads is better than one. But not every time you work with a group is the assignment you are working on completing better. The trick is to follow many of the things we read out of the book to make sure you all are able to reach your one main goal.
On the first day we meet with our groups we wanted to make sure we started all our group work off on the right hand so we all went around and discussed what topics we believed would make the best group presentation speech. When we were doing this we were focusing on the idea of deciding what topic to research in an effective way. Also on the first day we did go around and share are Myers-Briggs type as we believed that with of us knowing these it will allow for us to work to our very best. A Myers-Briggs type is found using a test called the Myers-Briggs type indicator this test is used to be able to see the basic differences in the way individuals prefer to use their perception and judgement. Through each individual in our group sharing what MBTI they were it allowed for the other members in the group to understand…

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