Are There People In The Photograph? Is It A Landscape?

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Register to read the introduction… Look at the subject matter and describe it as clearly as you can. Are there people in the photograph? Is it a landscape? Does it show the country or the city? List as many facts as you can. 2. There is a women in the photo and she is missing one arm possibly both but it’s hard to see the other arm because it is a side view. She looks like an older women with her very curly hair and glasses. She is wearing a black tank top or a black swim suit. c. Look at the elements of design: color, line, shape, value, form, space and texture. How are these used in the photograph? 3. He used the dark background and he dark outfit of choice to show how serious the photo should be taken. Also he seems to use artificial light to create a shadow on her shoulder to deceive you that she may or may not have her arm.
a. What can you learn from the clues in the photo? What draws your eye immediately? Also, look closely at other perhaps less significant, details. What information can they give you? i. That since this photo is about domestic and sexual violence it shows a women that has been affected by it. She doesn’t look sad though, she almost looks angry or determined to get justice or revenge. The shadow on her arm makes your focus to try to figure out if she has an arm or not when she
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He is trying to say that people need to understand that violence either sexual or physical in a domestic partnership is wrong no matter if they are married or just dating. That it is still a human being mistreated by another human. He wanted to show what had been done to her but also show her as a person and that she looked just like everyone else. a. Consider what is in the picture and what is left out. A photographer uses the boundaries of the photograph as a frame. There is always a conscious decision to focus on some things and leave other things out. How do these decisions affect the meaning? ii. He left out the rest of her body to really focus on her face and her injury. But he also almost took the photo as a portrait but wanted to show injury when making the photo like a portrait, it shows how normal some people think of domestic violence and how often it can happen without being noticed.
Evaluating The final stage of your decoding is an evaluation. a. What do you think about the work? Make a judgment about the value, the significance and the importance of the photograph. What does it add to your knowledge of the

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