Are Five Heads Better Than One? Essay

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Case Study:
Are Five Heads Better than One?

In this case study, five employees are chosen by the marketing firm, Advert, to create a commercial for one of the firm’s most important clients. Advert’s management handpicked the five employees, Evan, Conner, Alexis, Derek and Judy based on their similar talents, personalities, and biographical features. The management’s confident team selection resulted in awarding the group complete autonomy throughout the entire project. Unfortunately, due to Conner’s leadership style and the negative effect of team consensus, which lead to groupthink, the homogeneous team failed in delivering an appropriate commercial. The team’s project was met with extreme disapproval, ending the
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The poor initial communication was caused by the team’s collective set of personalities. The right blend of personality types is critical in order for a team to achieve its goals. Alexis, Evan, Derek, and Judy all demonstrated high levels of agreeableness, which led to their failure to voice dissenting opinions against Connor. Due to Connor’s domineering personality, the other members were afraid to voice dissenting opinions. If Connor had been more open and conscientious, the group would have been more likely to input their ideas and oppose Connor’s. Had Alexis more strongly backed her opposing opinion or had Derek even voiced his, the group would not have failed as it did. Management should ensure that every group member has a “vital piece of the pie”. They need to encourage group leaders to play an impartial role. Effective management will recognize and equitably reinforce each member’s contribution, reminding the group members that they need each other to get succeed. Management also provided poor oversight of the project, giving the team too much autonomy and not screening the commercial before it was pitched. This illustrates to the client that management was not concerned and engaged with their employees. No research was conducted to find out more about the clients image and positioning in the market. Without any given guidelines or ideas of the client’s needs, the team was unable to envision the right image the client was

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