Essay on Approaches to Critical Thinking

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Approaches to Critical Thinking Critical Thinking is defined by the process of actively and skillfully conceptualizing, applying, analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating information to reach an answer or conclusion. (, 2014) One may think critical thinking is a process to come to a conclusion but never really think about the approach used. There are various type of approaches for critical thinking. Some approaches allow for feeling and experiences to be a factor. Everyone has their own way of critical thinking of approaching conclusions. Everyone has a basis to think but never really know how ones thought reached that point of view. There is the way of assumption, information and purpose to …show more content…
Being in the military we are given specialties. My specialty is a weapons systems technician. This way of thinking has helped me reach sound conclusion because the justified evidence is always present. When a weapon system is broke and you have figure out a diagnosis of the system when a cable is broke; it easy to assume its a broken cable. Certain assumptions can be dictated by policy that are already set in place at work or other places. Critical Thinking by the way of information can be very useful but can complement the approach of assumption as well. This approach allows for thinking to be processed by gathering facts, evidence and experience. The thought of experience is a good way because you can have a way to support your conclusion or solve a matter. Informative thinking should be accurate and relevant to the question or issue being addressed. (Elder and Paul, 2010) Everyday we have issues, some issues take longer to solve than others. People can take the easy way and just assume and hope its the right conclusion. Critical thinking through information is helpful when trying to help someone you have never met. A good example of this can be when trying to buy a plan for your pet. You are given the information of various types of plan but ultimately its up to you to pick the right one. The way of information allows you to analyze the data or evidence at hand. Informative thinking is useful when analyzing an approach of foreseeing of an

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