Apple 's The Market Of Consumers Essay

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Throughout the past, many companies rely on advertisements to push their product into the market of consumers. Everyone on this earth is a unique human being, so there are different ways to successfully grab that person’s attention. Two major computer companies, Apple and
Microsoft, have been battling to maintain loyal customers to continue to use their computers and operating software. Apple targets the business aspect of computers towards their consumer, while Microsoft tries to promote a more family-friendly computer towards their audience. Apple advertises their computers more professionally and effectively compared to Microsoft who relies on a more flamboyant and animated approach towards their audience.
In attempt to market and sell their products, Apple and Microsoft have different approaches to attract their audiences. Apple’s advertisement has a very simple layout; the advertisement is just a picture of the computer and monitor. The audience they are trying to reach is the working class and middle-aged people who use computers. Windows has a different approach by using a very colorful picture and endless photos throughout the entire advertisement for Windows XP. They have a child in the advertisement to show that the whole family can use the computer, so they are targeting middle-aged people and families to use their computer.
Therefore, Apple and Windows are advertising towards similar but somewhat different crowds.
There are a few problems, such as fallacies, in…

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