Apple Inc. 's Business Segments Of Computers, Smartphones, And Tablets

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For this assignment I will evaluate Apple Inc.’s business segments of computers, smartphones, and tablets while analyzing the Electronic Computer Manufacturing industry (NAICS 334111). This expanding global industry is comprised of a variety of electronics companies including Apple Inc., Samsung Electronics Co., and Hewlett-Packard Co. The concentration of this particular industry is somewhat high since the market is primarily occupied by several large firms. The life cycle of this industry started in the 1970s with home computing, followed by the introduction of PCs in the 1980s, adaptation of lifestyle PCs in the 1990s, digital music and downloading programs (like iTunes) in early 2000s, smartphones in 2007, and the arrival of the iPad/tablets in 2010. When electronic devices were first introduced into the home, it was more of a luxury item that the family used until the computer broke, but today the product life cycle is far shorter and technology has become a basic daily necessity. For this reason, the computer electronics industry has the potential for a long and healthy life cycle, but this will mean sustaining growth and innovation for new technology to meet growing demands. The industry average profitability is $21,873,391,087 while Apple Inc.’s profitability is $39,510,000,000 – much higher than the industry average. The major products in the industry are tablets, smartphones and new variations of PCs. Since my focus is on the electronic devices, I have listed the…

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