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Apple is a leader in technology and one of the most popular brands of computers, mobile phone, and music player. It headquarter located in Cupertino, California, Apple Inc. has experienced many challenges throughout its business history. In 1997 Apple share price was $3.30. In 2012 it share price had risen to $599.55 compared to 2011 at $339.87.
On Forbes Global High Performance 2000, Apple is ranked 113 in 2009 and 75 in 2010 compare to Dell and HP which were 187 and 183.
Apple is the world's most valuable company, with a current market capitalization of $559 billion. To millions of consumers, the Apple brand embodies quality, prestige, and innovation. The brand is valued at more than $153 billion, making it the most
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In 1976 the Apple I was unveiled at the Home Brew Computer Club and put on sale for $666.66.
Jobs and Wozniak continued to create innovative products. Soon their new company, Apple Computer Inc., had surpassed $1 million in sales. However, the mid-1980s saw some difficult times for Apple. In 1983 the company introduced the Apple Lisa for $10,000. The product flopped. In 1985 Steve Jobs was ousted after internal conflicts with the Apple CEO. Its computer products the Mac I and the Newton were not successful, and the company underwent several CEO changes. With declining stock prices, the future of Apple was in jeopardy.
In 1997 Steve Job returns and introduces some changes in the corporate culture. For example Before Jobs’ return, employees were more open about Apple projects. After he returned, Jobs instituted a “closed door” policy. Today Apple continues to remain vigilant in protecting its technology and ensuring that information remains proprietary. Jobs also created a more flattened organizational structure; rather than go through layers of management to address employees, he addressed them directly. Perhaps one of the most noticeable changes, however, was Apple’s expansion into new product lines within the electronics industry.
In 2001 Apple launched the iPod—a portable music player that forever changed the music industry. The company also introduced iTunes, a type of “jukebox” software

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