Apple Unlock Farooq's Iphone Case Study

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2. After conducting a detailed exploration about the facts related to the case, the following are the details that gathered in a step by step manner:

shooting left a 12-year-old dead and a 14-year-old injured in San Bernardino.

3. Pros and cons of Apple unlocking Farooq’s iPhone:
1. Terrorism has been a threat to mankind, since many years. So, unlocking Farooq’s iPhone might definitely help the FBI team, to solve the Farooq’s case to some extent, in finding the true culprits responsible for the slaughter, at San Bernandino.
2. Unlocking an iPhone, which no one ever thought could be unlocked, could be considered another advancement in science.
3. Creating a master key to unlock Farooq’s iPhone, can not only be used to solve the case of San Bernandino attack, but also could be used to solve many other cases related to iPhone unlocking, which could be considered as a very big step in solving the criminal cases. Cons:
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Let us suppose that, the FBI gets the Apple unlock Farooq’s iPhone, contrary to the Apple’s argument, then the customers would be threatened to buy Apple iPhones and products anymore, because they would lose trust on them, as their own personal information would be at risk. The customer would be under the impression that the location of their own Apple iPhone is being tracked and their own information in the iPhone is being intercepted by some unknown person who wants to harm

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