Barriers To Apple Company Essay

Apple is in a unique situation where things that might be a barrier to most company’s actually increase Apple’s desirability. However, there are two things that could potentially be a barrier to Apple succeeding in the iTV arena. First, the avenues available to people to purchase Apple products are traditionally somewhat limited. The iPad/iPhone/iPod have been available in non-traditional Apple retailers like Walmart/Target, however, MacBooks and other higher end Apple products traditionally are only available online or via an Apple store – and recently BestBuy. The second barrier is the price point. While there is a market for high end TV’s, Apple tends to hold a residential/student/consumer niche market as their customer base. An iTV with retina display, an Apple OS, potentially some sort of touch screen/force touch, and other Apple key features, might price itself out of that market and not be able to enter the higher end adult/business market due to the cost and technology.
To overcome the purchasing source barrier, Apple might need to expand their
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This will be a major step for Apple, as it will be breaking into a new market within the area of technology and this process must not be taken lightly. The internal team that will lead this change must be selected carefully and communication within the entire organization must be continuous in order to be effective. According to Atkinston & Mackenzie (2015), “You need your own internal capability to drive and sustain change. The key players will either be a combination of direct reports to the top team, or middle management who report to the most senior level with the organization” (p. 43). Supervisors from each area within the company must ensure upper management hears the voice of their group by bringing forward ideas and recommendations to the change management

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