Anthony Sowell - Case Study Essay

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Criminological Theory: Week 5 (Case Study)

ENF 393 Criminal Nature:

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Nicole Bailey

Donald Kalamas, Instructor
Cohort # 14
July 20, 2011

Anthony Edward Sowell was supposed to be a low risk inmate after his release from prison in June of 2005. He had served 15 years in prison for rape. Anthony Sowell moved in with family directly following his release. He moved into a Cleveland home on Imperial Avenue. Soon, residents started to complain about a pungent odor coming from Anthony’s home. Sowell blamed the source of the odor on a nearby sausage factory, and a new sewage pipe that had just been put in. Police then began to get reports of missing women, all from around the same area. Police received reports of a naked
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In September, another report was made against Sowell. On September 22 in 2009, a woman was invited over to Anthony’s home for a drink. The woman reported that soon Anthony became angry and hit her. She told authorities that he had chocked her until she was passing out, then he raped her. Six days later, police showed up at Anthony’s house with a warrant. Anthony didn’t answer the door, so police then entered the home. Upon entering, they found two dead bodies on the living room floor. Police finally found Sowell and arrested him two days later for rape and murder. After police and crime scene investigators searched the premises, they found four additional bodies. Two of the bodies were found in a small crawl space and the other two were found buried in the basement. Soon, investigators decided to dig up the back yard where they found three more bodies and the skull of a fourth victim that had been wrapped in paper and placed in a bucket in the basement. According to police, some of the bodies were hard to identify due to the amount of decay and decomposition. November 2009 was when the first victim was identified. Her name was Tonia Carmichael. She was a 53-year-old African American woman who had been strangled. Her body was one of the victims found in the backyard. Police records indicate that Tonia had been reported missing for over a year. The second victim to be identified was 31

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