The Case Of Andrea Yates Essay

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The case of Andrea Yates is one of the most infamous cases in the last decade and the reason for that is because Andrea’s mental state leading up to the murders. Andrea Yates in 2001 drowned all five of her children in a bathtub in her Huston, Texas home. However, was she responsible for her actions? Andrea suffered from several mental illnesses including postpartum depression. She was constantly in and out of mental health institutions and was given medication to deal with her depression. Andrea’s husband at the time Russell Yates did not fully pay attention to Andrea’s mental condition and once he thought she was better they had another child despite being told not do so by Andrea’s psychologist. After their 4th child was born Andrea developed postpartum psychosis, which is a rare mental illness that only occurs only about 1 in 1000 births, her depression worsened and she started having violent mood swings and hallucinations. With the combination of these mental illnesses it should be believed that Andrea was not in control of her thoughts and actions when she committed the murders.

Inside of Andrea Yates Mind The idea of a mother killing her own child is a horrendous one to think. Mothers are so caring, nurturing, and loving to their children, so how could they ever take the life of something that is so precious to them. That is the general idea that the public has with mothers, but the sad truth it does happen and it can be done in horrible ways. Additionally we as…

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