The Casey Anthony Trial

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Not Guilty was the Verdict
Felicia Duncan
Polk State College
Dr. Raymond Oberg

The murder trial that took America by storm. All of America and surrounding Countries was fascinated with the Casey Anthony Trial. She was accused of murdering her daughter Caylee Anthony in 2008. Cindy Anthony reported her granddaughter Caylee missing on July 15, 2008 after 31 days (Casey Anthony Trial, 2011). Casey Anthony was question by detectives and she informed them that the nanny kidnapped her daughter (Alvarez, 2011). Casey stories where very inconsistent throughout the investigation. This is how she became a suspect in the disappearance of her daughter Caylee Anthony. Casey was indicted for first-degree murder in
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According to Johnson (2018), the police significant role is to monitor criminal activity, respond to emergency issues, make an arrest, and investigate crimes. When a crime is committed, the police is usually the first one the criminal meets. In the case against Casey Anthony, the police did an excellent job by doing a thorough investigation. They interviewed Casey, Cindy, Lee, and George Anthony. The soon discovered that Casey Anthony stories was not consistent, and they were changing throughout the investigation. The detectives became suspicious and Casey became the number one suspect of the disappearance and murder of her daughter Caylee Anthony. Because Casey knowingly and willfully lied to detectives thought out the investigation and the evidence they collect gave them probable cause to arrest Casey Anthony. After the police finished their investigation they handed the evidence over to the prosecution, so they could build their case against Casey …show more content…
The role of the prosecution in the Casey Anthony was to seek justice for the murder of her daughter Caylee Anthony. After carefully reviewing the case the prosecution followed all the guidelines of a prosecutor during the Casey Anthony trial. The prosecution did follow the prescribed rule in the murder trials in terms of conduct with the police, public, statements investigative duties, and handling witness. They utilize the public statements that was attain during the investigation. They had circumstantial evidence and no forensic evidence. In the case against Casey Anthony the State (prosecution) is obligated to present evidence to the jury and the court and prove one's case (Burden of Proof, 2016). They are responsible for getting justice. A grand jury was used in the trial. They helped the prosecution determined are there going to bring criminal charges against the

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