12 Angry Men Thesis

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What if you were on trial for first degree murder? In the movie 12 Angry Men by Reginald Rose, a young eighteen year old male was on trial for supposedly murdering his own father. The twelve men on the jury were faced with different opinions and facts that questioned their morals and values in life. I feel as if this movie did have “worth” in my life. I think the movie had worth because no one should ever be stereotyped, judged, and accused based on what other people say. I feel strongly about that because the movie made me question what I believed to be true based on what other people said rather than forming my own thoughts. In the movie 12 Angry Men the twelve men at first sat down and took an outloud vote on whether they thought the defendant was guilty or not guilty. The law was that it had to be all twelve for one or the …show more content…
As humans we tend to point fingers very quickly. This young boy was given a fair trial but to what extent? The witnesses were not very reliable but the jury tried to pin any evidence they could on the boy to make sure he was guilty. They were quick to accuse the kid of murdering his father because of how the boy lived. The jurors had nowhere else to put the blame on so they assumed it must be placed on the boy. That is where this comes into play in our everyday lives. We put the blame on others when there seems to be no one we can blame. We assume others must be a certain way based on their circumstances. In conclusion, the twelve men were faced with difficult decisions that challenged their morals and values in life. The movie 12 Angry Men had worth in my life because everyday I am faced with things that challenge my morals and values in life. In the movie the twelve jurors were stereotyping, judging, and accusing the young boy of first degree murder without listening to the truth

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