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  • 8th Juror Analysis

    father was between 12 jurors and their arguments on weather or not the young man was guilty or not guilty. In this case the 8th Juror can be seen as the hero and the protagonist as he was the only juror to give some reasoning behind his vote and actually use his mentality in this risk taking decision. The next three paragraphs state how the 8th Juror is a hero by Standing alone to his beliefs and reasonable doubt and voting not guilty in the secret ballot also about how Juror #8 took some thought into his reasonable doubt and studying the testimonies and evidence and how he then changed the minds of 11 jurors in voting not guilty. Juror #8 stood alone at first he was the…

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  • The Juror In 12 Angry Men By Reginald Rose

    against the boy. Using these imperfect jurors, people can see how that when insecurities, flaws, and the law form together, the justice system can be found. The justice system is neither perfect nor is it imperfect. To sum it up, is people are put to the test of humanity to decide what must become of the case. The jurors in 12 Angry Men make this case rather complicated, but it all soon unravels into the truth, and a fate is decided between the jurors. Since the characters of the story…

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  • Examples Of Juror 8 In 12 Angry Men

    knife. It is now the duty of the twelve jurors to corroborate and come up with a fair verdict. Some jurors uses emotion to deal with the case, while others uses logic and provided strong evidence to support their claim. Juror Four and Juror Eight are similar in the way that they are both open-minded, take the trial seriously, and they also use logic to analyze problems. Throughout the play, Juror 4 and Juror 8 has proven themselves to be very open-minded. They are able to take constructive…

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  • Juror Number 8 In Reginald Rose's Twelve Angry Men

    Juror Number Eight In Reginald Rose’s Twelve Angry Men, Juror Number Eight brings his own unique perspective to the drama. His participation leads to the jury making its final decision. Juror Number Eight is a strong and compassionate man. He stands for what he believes in even if that means that he is standing alone. Through being kind, being open, and thoughtful conversation, Juror Number Eight helps to shape the final resolution in a difficult murder case. Juror Number Eight appears to…

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  • 12 Angry Men Juror Number 4 Analysis

    The movie 12 Angry Men the 1957 version directed by Sydney Lumet is a black and white film about twelve men from different backgrounds who are on the same jury, they must decide if a young man is guilty of an act of murder committed upon his father. If found guilty the boy will be put in the electric chair until death, if found innocent, he is set free The juror, I will be looking at is juror number four and how he had a large impact on how new evidence was brought to light and how the evidence…

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  • Group Decision Making In The Movie: 12 Angry Men

    A guilty verdict by the jury would result in a death sentence for the accused. The jurors decided to take a vote; all but the protagonist voted that the boy was guilty. The protagonist felt that a death sentence should not be awarded to a person unless proper evidence is sought against him. He feels that the boy may be guilty but wants the case for defense to be presented clearly which may indeed give the boy the benefit of doubt. Since the verdict was not unanimous, they went on to deliberate…

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  • 12 Angry Men Film Review Essay

    12 Angry Men Film Review If you are looking for a film that is heated, exciting, and exposes social justice, you might to watch the story of 12 Angry Men. This film is drama filled and will always keep you wondering what is going to happen next. I would recommend the film, 12 Angry Men, to viewers This film is excellent because of the strong use of character development, complex, but easy to follow plot, and proper use of film elements. The film revolves around 12 men serving on a jury to…

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  • Twelve Angry Men: Movie Analysis

    performs these activities, helping the team by monitoring and improving its internal process. Twelve Angry Men, a movie about an open-and-shut murder trial in which one juror stands alone in his beliefs, made use of facilitation. When the twelve jurors were sent to deliberate a unanimous verdict, the case was not as clear-cut as they once thought. The jurors were made up of twelve men of diverse backgrounds. Their choice would either send an 18-year-old Hispanic man to death or set him free.…

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  • Small Group Communication In 12 Angry Men

    The defendant can’t remember all of the details of his alibi the night of the incident, several witnesses testified that they heard screaming, and another said she had seen the boy stabbed his father with her own two eyes, and flee the scene of the crime. Looking at the men responsible for deciding the fate of this young man, you can immediately identify profound personality traits of each juror, by the way that they vote. Originally tension was established within the group due to people…

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  • 12 Angry Men Jury Analysis

    the Judge’s voice is heard. The judge is giving a set of final instructions to the twelve jurors. It’s a murder case, the jurors have to find if the boy is guilty for the murder of his own father and that if it requires sentence for the defend to be death penalty. After all these instructions and all other things that jurors did taking a short break, complaint about the room it’s hot, without air conditioning and the fan also doesn’t work too. So all the jurors assume the obvious guilt of the…

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