Essay about Annotated Bibliography : Legalization Of Marijuana

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Annotated Bibliography: Legalization of Marijuana There is a lot of debate and misinformation about the legalization of marijuana or keeping it illegal. Both sides have beneficial information and strong beliefs. Marijuana is the most widely used substance in the United States. The Drug Enforcement Administration believes that 11.5 million people use marijuana. If legalizing it, it can be taxed and the united states can make a profit off of it. One of the concerns with legalizing it would be how to measure driver impairment and the use of marijuana in young people. Legalizing it would put the underground businesses to a stop. A lot of people believe in using cannabis for medicinal purposes, That the active ingredient, THC, is used to help with medical problems such as pain, cancer and other diseases. The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), do not agree with them and say that marijuana has no proven medical benefits. Some negative effects of using marijuana could be memorization loss and not being able to focus because the drug has an effect on certain parts of the brain. Smoking marijuana increases the risk of addiction and the inhalation of the smoke can damage the lungs as well as the throat. When kids use marijuana most of the time they lose interest in school and drop out. The common ground between the two issues is that if made legal it would decrease the criminal activity associated with it being illegal and make the society safer. Marijuana should be illegal…

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