Essay Animal Testing Should Be Stopped

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Just in the year 2014, over one million animals were subjects of cosmetic testing; that may not seem like a big number, but that number does not include the one-hundred million mice and rats used for the testing (PETA). PETA claims that surveys prove that adults in the United States who support animal testing support only the tests for medical advance, not the tests involving cosmetics. Numerous companies that produce makeup, skincare, and hair care products continue to use animals as subjects of their tests; some of these companies include M.A.C., Mary Kay, Neutrogena, John Frieda, and Dove. Large portions of the list of companies that partake in animal testing are large, well-known companies. So why are these powerless creatures still subjects of such unnecessary actions? Before more helpless animals die to this issue, cosmetic testing on animals should be stopped immediately for several reasons: successful alternatives to animal testing now exist, the tests on animals do not reliably predict how human bodies will react, and most of the experiments are flawed.
Testing on animals dates back to as many as thousands of years ago, but the modern testing on animals began close to two hundred years ago. Approximately four hundred years ago, William Harvey utilized animal testing to study and discover how blood circulates through the body (“FAQs”). Think about how many animals Harvey must have exploited to make this discovery; this is just one example to show how far back…

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