Animal Testing Should Be Legal Essay

759 Words Dec 5th, 2015 4 Pages
Between their mesmerizing, heart-filled eyes, fluffy fur, and playful behaviors, animals are wonderful creatures. There are roughly twenty-four billion animals who inhabit the Earth, which is approximately three times the amount of humans on the planet. Out of those animals, one hundred million are used for animal testing every year. Whether it be a bird, rabbit, etc., animals are tested on everyday for cosmetics and house necessities. Animal testing should be put to a stop; it is cruel and inhumane to animals, alternative methods now exist that are less expensive, and they do not even accurately predict the reality in human reactions to the products. Animals are living, breathing creatures just as humans are. So why is it morally acceptable to make animals suffer so humans can safely wash their hair? There are several ways the scientists cause pain and suffering to the animals. “Animals endure chemicals being dripped into their eyes, injected into their bodies, forced up their nostrils or forced down their throats” (McKay). Many animals are blinded, burned, and infected with several different diseases. The sad part is most of those animals aren’t accounted for. Mice, rats, and birds are not protected by the Animal Welfare Act, which means that scientists can perform any experiment on them and not suffer any consequences for it. These animals make up for eighty percent of animals tested. In an article on “The Guardian,” research had shown that several studies had been…

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