Essay on Animal Testing Should Be Banned

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Animal Testing Imagine that you buy a new eye shadow or a new lipstick and you are going to use it. After you use that product you realize that using that product caused you to develop a type of cancer and now you have to pay for the treatment. Also, they give you two options for your treatment, one is tested on animals and the other one is tested in vitro studies or computer models. Obviously, most of the patients will choose the medicine that was tested on animals. The definition of animal testing or animal experimentation is preforming experiments on animals’ bodies to test some hypothesis in order to produce a product which serves human needs. Stachura said, “Animal testing is mandated by the FDA for certain drugs to receive approval for distribution to the public” (2008, p. 2) They use many different types of species, such as cats, dogs, birds, mice, rabbits and some non-human primates for instance monkeys and chimpanzees. Animal testing is controversial due to the fact that most people say that animal testing should be used in the lab in order to make sure new medicines are safe and appropriate to use. However, others say that animal testing should be illegal because it hurts animals, and animals have their rights, so humans ought to look for alternatives.
There are two main reasons to keep testing on animals. Animal testing could save peoples ' lives and preserve human rights. That does not mean we are ignoring animals rights. However, human lives are more important…

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