Animal Testing Should Be Banned Essay

1493 Words Nov 18th, 2015 6 Pages
Imagine a lab filled with hundreds of animals all being tested on and infested with different diseases. Now, think of a dog; this dog is named Libby. She is suffering from many issues, including hookworms, tapeworms, infections, and rotted teeth. She is beaten by lab workers and forced to endure all of this to test the safety of a product for people like you (PETA, 2011). A huge problem facing the world is how many animals are cruelly tested on internationally for cosmetics. If nothing is done to stop this, millions of innocent animals will be killed, results from animal testing will continue to be different than how people react to it, and more protests will cost lots of money in damage. Only through people’s decisions, companies’ choices, and government involvement will this problem be solved.
One major cause of animal testing for cosmetics is to test products and check for what reactions they cause. Although it is harmful towards animals, this testing can prevent future problems with the product. As NAVS, the National Anti-Vivisection Society, said in 2008, these tests are done to check the “potential harm a substance can do to a living creature” when it comes in any type of contact with the body. Without testing products there can be horrible outcomes, which can possibly affect many people. An example of this is in the 1930s, when many women got infections and some even went blind after using a mascara called Lash Lure, which had not been tested on anything (Animal…

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