Animal Testing Is The Best Alternative Essay

1001 Words Apr 19th, 2015 null Page
Since the fifteenth century, animal testing been utilized for medical research, but did not become prevalent until the 1800’s. At this time is when people started to protect the animals, claiming that they had feelings and that it was immoral to continue testing on them. Today, animal testing is a very controversial topic with dozens of stances on what is acceptable and what is not. Animal research has helped us as humans make huge medical advances. Not only in the medical field but in psychology, where psychologists monitor animals under different conditions so that we can better understand how these conditions might affect people. Environmentalists use animal testing to help better preserve and protect the rest of their species that may be endangered. These are reasons why I stand on the side that says “animal testing is good and should remain in use.” Animal testing is one of the best forms of research today because it helps preserve human and animal life. Animal testing is the best alternative we have; there are alternatives that are beginning to see light in the world of animal testing, but will never come close to the actual thing. Many technologies like MRI scanning, micro-dosing, and computer modeling, have been thought to eventually replace testing on animals all together. Although animal testing has proven to be rather expensive, the benefits that come from it are difficult to be replicated. “While alternative technologies will reduce the reliance on animals for…

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