Animal Testing Research

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This essay explains whether animal testing should be allowed or not in order to produce cosmetic products by stating the ethical reason to protest and stating existence of the substitution method. This research concludes that animal testing can be both beneficial but also very crucial, should be banned at some point; however, the substitute method has found some defect which leads that medical researchers should modify the substitute method in order to animal testing to be substituted. Introduction
The 20th century was a century of big change. More people got engaged in interest toward the cosmetic products ingredients and more people shown passion for animal status compare to the previous centuries. People started to look up what kind of
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Author Reisinger (2015) agrees to those who support animal testing method because cosmetic industry needs animal testing method in order to prove that their products are safe to use. Those who support animal testing method do agrees that it is crucial to test on living animals; however, they believe that because there has been dreadful results of substitute method for animal testing products must be tested. According to Reisinger, “with one exception, all test methods (that could substitute animal testing) misclassified a maximum of two substance” which leads to failure to skin sensitization test. Skin sensitization test is very important to pass for cosmetic product since all cosmetic product especially foundation directly get applied to skin (Reisinger, K., Hoffmann, S., Alépée, N., Ashikaga, T., Barroso, J., Elcombe, C., & ... Martinozzi-Teissier, S. 2015). Reasons for failure to those substitute method is not clear “but are most likely due to differences in the test method protocols such as cells or prediction models used” Reisinger, K., Hoffmann, S., Alépée, N., Ashikaga, T., Barroso, J., Elcombe, C., & ... Martinozzi-Teissier, S. 2015). In his writing, Reisinger state the method that can substitute the animal testing do not fully do what animal testing show as the method to test whether the product is safe to use or not. His writings support those who wishes animal testing method to be conducted and refute those who wishes to ban the animal testing

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