Animal Experimentation And The Constitution Of America

Animal Experimentation

Animal Experimentation has been around since the 1960s. Animal testing has been a routine part of getting shampoos, lotions, lipsticks and many other products on the shelves. There is a public misconception that rats and mice are the only animals being used in experimentation and that the experiments are protected through the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, or the Code of Practice, but we know that neither of these are true. Animal experimentation is a cruel practice that results in the torturing and killing of animals for reasons that are nowhere near justified. The lack of ethic-self-examination for the common good is a worrying trend for where society is heading and makes us think how far we are willing to
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The constitution of America refers to the equality of all men, not all animals, therefore the subject of animals alluding to the constitution is a matter of broad debate. However, in 1996, the protection of domestic animals was included in the constitution of the Buenos Aires Autonomous City, Argentina. Law 14346, published in 1954, contains the current provisions on animal protection in the Argentinian criminal code. Among these provisions there are prohibited conducts including overloading animals and the practice of invasive surgery. Although animal sentience is not specifically acknowledged in the law, the content of the law does acknowledge some aspects of sentience and suggests that the motivation behind the law is to reduce the infliction of pain on animals. In 2002, Germany became the first European Union to guarantee animals in their constitution. Under this new constitution, they are going to put tighter restrictions on animal experimentations and that the conditions of captivity for animals will be better. Lawmakers in Germany are saying that the government also wants to spend research money on projects looking for alternatives for animal experimentation. An act that also supports the change of animal experimentation and the increase of animal rights is the animal welfare act. The animal welfare act states that they, “promulgate standards to govern the humane …show more content…
The fact is that the animal testing that we are doing are cruel and inhumane. Animals in experiments are commonly subjected to force feeding, forced inhalation, deprived of food and water, inflicted with burns and other wounds to study the healing process. They forced rabbits to open their eyes for days with clips and given shampoo to see if it causes irritation. They commonly give LD50, a lethal drug, to animals to find out which dose of chemicals will kill 50% of the animals being used in the experiment. The USDA reported that 97,123 animals suffered pain during experiments while being give no anaesthesia in 2010. IN 2010. It is the 21st century for crying out loud. We have the technology to duplicate cells and test things under microscopes that doesn’t have to harm animals. We have computer models and microfluidic chips. It is time to step away from animals and step into

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