Essay on Animal Testing Is Right Or Wrong

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Animals are tested on for product research worldwide for a wide range of things, such as medicines and cosmetic products. Both private facilities and government laboratories conduct this sort of experimentation, and there are few laws to stop these tests or protect the animals. Most of the animals however, are killed during or after the testing. Everyone wants the sense of security when using a new product of any kind that it will be safe, but there has always been that question of whether animal testing is right or wrong.
There is only one law that protects animals subject to testing, the Animal Welfare Act (AWA). It regulates the care and use of animals, such as housing, feeding, handling and vet care. This is only minimal protection and only applies to less than 10% of animals victim to testing. All rat, mice, birds, fish reptiles, amphibians, cows and pigs are excluded from this law. These species make up 90% to 95% of the ones tested on. The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) enforces this law. All businesses must be registered or licensed with the USDA and are supposed to be annually inspected. However, there is no legal requirement for federal facilities to be inspected. There are 115 inspectors for 7,759 facilities, meaning adequate inspection of every one is impossible.
The USDA’s annual report of 2009 showed more than 76,000 (AWA-covered) animals being tested on in ways that caused extreme pain and stress. No matter how inhumane the tests are, the USDA cannot…

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