Essay about Animal Testing For Cosmetic Purposes

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Over the last several decades the topic of animal testing for cosmetic purposes has taken the world by surprise. The throngs of questions concerning this matter have skyrocketed, yet how often are these concerns addressed? For that matter, how many citizens even understand what cosmetic animal testing entails? As defined by Humane Society International, “the term ‘animal testing’ refers to procedures performed on living animals for purposes of research into basic biology” (About Animal Testing). These procedures typically result in pain, physiological distress, and in extreme cases, death. Animal testing for the sole purpose of cosmetics is an unnecessary worldwide problem which fundamentally tortures animals in order to achieve a goal which could be obtained through more humane circumstances.
Morality is a distinct role the conscious mind plays on one in order to determine right or wrong. Yet, when it comes to the difficult matters like as to whether animals have fundamental rights, it seems one’s morality standards shrink against often false statistics. As Stokes stated, “animals are still widely used for safety assessments and efficiency testing of nearly all new chemicals, pesticides, consumer products…and many other products” (1298).
During the process of animal testing, there is a golden process known as the standard four which was devised between 1920 and 1930 (Newkirk, 141). The standard four consists of four procedures accepted to be accurate enough to determine…

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