Animal Testing And The Modern Age Essays

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We as humans have progressed very far when it comes to medicine. Scientist have discovered cures to deadly disease such as mumps and measles, things that would have killed us not to long ago. Even though we have skyrocketed in our medical understanding we still use the same methods from the beginning. My topic of interest is to understand the background to animal testing and why we still use it in the modern age. Unfortunately there are many illnesses that surround us in our everyday lives. There are many people that are diagnosed with aids, cancer, STDs, bacterial infection and other Illness that can hinder on someone 's health. Everyone has asked the question why haven’t we found a cure? Most illnesses that were drastic in the past have been treated and cured using animals as test subject. Throughout the years many innocent animals have been tested, tortured, and killed. This topic interested me because as an animal lover I still wonder if it is truly necessary to use animal test subject when have gone so far in medicine and technology. Many people argue that testing on animals isn’t right, not just for inhumane treatment of the animal, but for the fact that an animal 's body is not quite the same as the human body. Animal testing might be slowing the process of finding the cure to different illness. This topic may interest readers who are protecting the animals and to people who might have certain diagnoses. For the reason that animal testing is hurting…

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