Animal Testing And Human Rights Essay

793 Words Apr 28th, 2016 4 Pages
How would you feel if someone do an experience on you? Imagine if someone did that to you, would you like it? Millions of animals are killed everyone due to scientists doing test on them. If you think about it imagine what are those tests do to the animals, it damages their body some become very severely ill that they end up death. An unknown author from article “Animal testing” stated that human have no rights to use animals as if they were disposal objects. Its violates animal’s basic rights. Second unknown author from “Animals Rights” stated its absurd to suggest that animals have the rights as human being have rights. Rights can only have afforded by those who are capable of living in a structure community and that human interests should always come first. The two article talk about how human needs always come first for example like finding a cure for sick children and discovering other things that might come in handy. Also on how it’s not fair to do these thing to these creatures and that scientist should leave them alone to leave in peace. Animals have as much as rights as human do. The life of a human is more precious than one of a rat or other creatures. Human interests should always come first. Meaning it’s your responsibility to take good care of animals of any kind and not abuse them. But it is necessary to do test and experiment, one author stated “Animal testing has yield medical breakthrough and consumer innovations, such as research is essential to…

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