Animal Cruelty Should Stop The Animals Essay

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Animals cruelty should stop
Nowadays there are so many animal abuse happening in the world, a life is a life and it should be valued, no matter what we are. According to before its news website an animal is abused every 10 seconds throughout level (Dawn Kairns, 2010). Dogs, cats or any animal is just like us they have a heart most importantly they have feelings like us and get hurt like us. Then why aren’t they treated like us humans? Everyday animals go through various types of animal abuse, which are emotional, physical, and mental abuse. In addition is not only happening by physical harm they get abused in mentally as well like Distress, fear or psychological distress in the form of animal cruelty are also causing harm to the animals. In my opinion, it is an inhumane act to be abusive towards animals. My reasoning is because abuse restricts the animals from doing certain things that affects their behavior patterns long embedded in their genes. It causes emotional pain on animals which can cause physical threat to humans around them. It is wrong because an abused animal needs love, attention and time in order to overcome the memory of the overwhelming abusive period. Taking it 's time to adjust to their new environment and the people around them. It creates a space between their being and the lives around them. It is an immoral act that can also affect the subject abusing an animal such as the penalties of being charged in accordance to the criminal code of Canada on…

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