Essay on Animal Cruelty Is A Problem That Keeps Growing Today

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When people talk about cruelty, what do they mean? According to, they define cruelty as “the desire to cause others to suffer.” Cruelty can happen anywhere, and around the nation, animal cruelty is a problem that keeps growing today. Animal cruelty can range from being beaten on a day to day basis or goes days or weeks without eating. Millions of innocent animals die each year because they were either beaten or starved to death. But the question is, how can we as humans help these poor innocent animals? The most common animals who are abuse the most are dogs, cats, horses, and even livestock. Based on numbers from, 1,880 cruelty cases were reported in the media in 2007. According to, 64.5 percent involved dogs and 25 percent of those were pit bull breeds. 18 percent involved cats and 25 percent involved other animals. According to, they reported that over 115 million animals are killed each year in laboratory experiments. Also it has been estimated that there are 900 to 2,000 new cases each year. Animals are abused for chemistry, drugs, food, and other testing each year (humanesociety). There are many different types of animal cruelty that people do not think about. According to animal-rights-action, there are a lot of different cruelty. The first one is fur farming which is animals skinned alive. According to, they explained fur farming as one of the cruelest thing on earth.…

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