Puppy Mills Research Paper

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The Truth Behind Puppy Mills
All Puppy Mills should be shut down because of the inhumane treatment to the animals.
For animal lovers, or just anybody who cares about living things, this might mean something. For those who read articles about injured dogs and just cry, or get mad and say how something should be done about it, then this is for those people. Let’s actually do something about it. In puppy mills all over the world, there can be anywhere from 10-1,000 or more breeding dogs. Most of these dogs won’t make it out of the mill alive.
For the people who support puppy mills, take a step back, and look at what really goes on at those mills. Yes, there are some good things that can come out of them. Like, without them, where would the
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These puppies look happy, and that’s probably because they now aren’t in the inhumane conditions they had to be in at the mill. The article, End Puppy Mills claims, “It’s estimated that there are 15,000 puppy mills just in the U.S., all forcing dogs to produce constantly and are the suppliers of nearly 100% of all pet stores, newspapers, and online stores.” All of the animals that are at the mills are forced to live in inhumane conditions. Due to the conditions that the animals are in, the buyers don’t really know what they are going to get. Most of these buyers often end up paying thousands trying to fix the health issues that their new animal has, in worst case, sometimes the animal dies because of how awful the condition it was …show more content…
Almost all of the time, the puppy mill’s websites show happy puppies with children, when really the dogs are basically kept in a prison where they aren’t allowed to be happy, or even be a dog. When a customer wants to buy a dog, it’s taken away from the mill, so the customer can’t see what’s really going on. The owner never lets the customer see where the puppy lived, where the parents are still suffering. Are puppy mills legal? Yes, in most states puppy mills are legal, but it’s safer to buy from a local shelter or a trusted breeder. Some puppy mills can be good, actually doing their job right and caring for the animals. Other puppy mills really only care about the money. There are at least 10,000 puppy mills in the U.S., but less than 3,000 are being regulated by the U.S. DOA (Department of Agriculture). For the 3,000 that are actually regulated, then they are probably good and we know what is going on there. For the other 7,000 that aren’t regulated, nobody knows what is really going on

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