Essay on Animal Cruelty And The Animals

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“We know we cannot be kind to animals until we stop exploiting them, exploiting animals in the name of Science, exploiting animals in the name of Sports, exploiting animals in the name of Fashion, and yes, exploiting animals in the name of food.”- Cesar Chávez. According to SISRS data base activities such as horse racing, dog fighting, and circuses cause animals to suffer and people need to realize that it is animal cruelty. Despite that people know that they are hurting the animals, they still look at it as entertainment and they think that it is funny about what is happing to the animals they do not care if the animals are dying or severely hurt. On the other hand the people who actually care about the animals are having trouble trying to protect them and preserve the animal’s talents without hurting them. In this paper I will be talking about how animals are abused, are used for fighting, and hunting. First, show animals are getting abused by their own equipment. To begin, (Sean Cockerham) from McClatchy- Tribune News Service states that horses are being abused with whips and chains if they decide not to perform at their shows. Jeannie McGuire says “that a quality that we love is also quality that allows people to abuse them,” and the animals tolerates the abusing that we bring upon them. I believe that we should not have to abuse the horse’s or any animals to get them to perform for the people if would just show the horses some love and have professional riders who…

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