Animal Abuse Should Not Be Banned Essay

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Did you know that people who abuse and kill animals for just the fun of it or for emotional relief? Have to pay a fine that will cover the medical costs, maybe go to prison for 1-10 years at max or go to therapy! Animal abuse needs to have harsher punishments.

Some people may say that it doesn 't matter if the animal suffers because they feel as if animals are nothing / they 're not people. Well it does matter, if it didn 't matter, they wouldn 't have laws for people to follow, but if the laws were stronger than most likely there would not be so many animal offenders. Animals may not be human, but they can still feel pain it still hurts them the same way it would hurt us if we were the ones being abused.

Another thing you could say is, why should anyone care if the animal is hurting or dying. The answer is you should care because they are living and breathing just like you, they can feel pain just like you, plus you should not sexually abuse an animal because that 's wrong and disgusting.
Animals are not “just animals”

According to the ASPCA,”An animal is abused every 10 seconds.” That means every day some poor innocent animal is either dying, being beaten, or being forced to harm another living creature against its will, sexually abused, or even starving them. these are many of the different situations that they go through every day.

All animals deserve the chance to have love, how can they get that chance if we don 't provide it for them. They don 't have a voice but…

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