Animal Abuse And Neglect Of Animal Essay

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Animal Abuse and Neglect
Animal abuse can be deliberate abuse or the failure to take care of an animal. Animal abuse happens all over the United States and there are many organizations and laws to help stop animal abuse from happening. Deliberate abuse can involve beating, shooting, stabbing animals or setting them on fire. Neglecting an animal is not giving them necessary food, water, shelter or vet care. Animals who often die of neglect can suffer just as much as animal that are deliberately harmed. Whether it’s a pet, farm animal or wildlife they all suffer dramatically. Animals need to be protected and cared for not abused. (The Humane Society).
There are many different ways of abusing an animal. Some commonly known ones are physical, emotional and sexual. Physical animal abuse is the physical marks see on an animal. For example scars, broken bones and emaciated bodies. Emotional abuse is harder to see compared to the others types of abuse. Although it may cause more damage for the animal and last longer. Sexual animal abuse is molestation of an animal by a human being. Animal sexual abuse may also be referred to as zooerasty, zoophilia, bestiality, or sodomy. Sexual animal abuse for the most part involves killing or injuring an animal for sexual gratification. These are the most known animals abuses. (Psychology Today, 'Emotional Pain In Animals: An Invisible World Of Hurt ').
Animal Abuse in the United States is a big issue and there are laws to…

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