Ananlysis of English Proefficiency Tests for Universities Critical Thinking

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Part 1: English Proficiency Tests and their actual value.

GRE Graduate Record Exam. It is a primary exam which focuses on admission for graduate courses. Its English language testing skills include Critical thinking skills in linking sentences logically and interpreting their meaning to answer various questions in the text with respect to grammar, vocabulary, logical correctness, reasoning and common sense.

IELTS this exam’s primary focus is on the use of the English language in communicating. This test focuses on four aspects of Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing. This is a much practical than technical approach to usage of English.

TOEFL it is a English proficiency test which tests the students ability to understand and
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This certainly proves that the tests however designed to understand and use English as a language only give the student the illusion that they have firm knowledge to understand the level of English at the university.

The many which this problem could be tackled is listed below.

English Language Support Services.

This could be in the forms of:


The no of subjects which could be taken to improve the abilities of student who have not gone through the English as their medium of instruction for the majority of their school years. This courses lay the foundations and focus on the basic needs in building the gap between the school years and technical education.

They should be a must to take to anyone who has not gone through a thorough English curriculum in High School level. There should be test which would required to be taken by the candidates who have not had this education which would clearly state the requirement of the course level.

The course should be a 3 or 4 part course which is divided into two semesters. This should also be seen to strike the interest of the student towards the subject rather bogging the student down with curriculum work.

Provisional training:

Provisional training is an excellent way to lead in learning the language especially training to show competence towards entry requirements. The entry examination training will

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