Analytical Essay : Self Assessment

768 Words Oct 19th, 2015 4 Pages
Throughout the time of the course I have accommodated the necessary skills to writing more analytically by applying several strategies to my writing techniques. Analytical writings consist of a summary, personal response, taking a stance in the argument, is there a comparison or contrast which makes the discussion. Throughout the course I have learned to properly do an analysis of a text which means to highlight important ideas within an article or readings to understand what the author is trying to say rather than giving a summary of what the author is trying to argue which I had been used to doing before the course. One strategy that contributed to my analysis was by using the idea to quote harvest, which means I get quotes from my resources that I use in my paper and compare the quotes that I’m reading to try and see if the author is in conversation with any other authors or to understand the importance of the argument. That strategy was most helpful in my first writing paper because it consisted of perspectives from several authors which gave me the ability to further break down my ideas and show the relationship between articles in conversation which gives readers the insight behind the overall argument.
The course has given me the necessary skills to writing a well written paper as I progress as a writer. I have learned to apply the basic fundamentals to writing a paper to my strategies as I write by making sure I include the purpose of why I’m writing,…

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