Analysis Of ' Two Years Are Better Than Four ' Essay

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In their articles, “Two Years Are Better Than Four” and “Are Too Many People Going to College?” Liz Addison and Charles Murray discuss how colleges now are much different than colleges in the past. The college experience has changed since people, such as Rick Perlstein, went to college. Even though the college experience is ever evolving, it can still be a very important part of someone’s life. Even if it is not at a “four-year brick-and-mortar residential college” (Murray 229) like many parents and high school faculty push students to go to right away. In “Two Years Are Better Than Four”, Liz Addison argues that college does still matter. That college is still a place you leave with a head full of dreams. She believes this is true because of what she has experienced through college. Addison argues that even though a 4-year college or university isn’t as easy to get into, a community college will accept anyone. She states that when she entered her first community college, she had “but one O’level to [her] name.” O’levels being “qualifications [that] once marked the transition from lower to upper high school” in Great Britain (Addison 212). Addison, to further support her opinion of college, says “if [she] were a candidate for office [she] would campaign from every campus” not because she believed it would help her “score political points” but because she wants to “make sure that anyone who is looking to go to college in this country knows where to find one” (213). She is…

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