Analysis Of Trump 's Unethical Behavior Essay

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The most shocking thing is the public’s reaction to Trump’s unethical behavior. Most people do not seem to care and his supporters seem to rather enjoy it. We have now entered the end of the postmodern age where truth is replaced with emotion.
If something so small as a criticism of one’s hands or fingers can send Trump into a never-ending obsessive tirade, what would happen if genuine Christians throughout the world went on a relentless campaign targeting Donald Trump as Satan incarnate? Again, consider his past reactions to trivial comments while imagining his response an international group of thousands, even millions, of people calling him, The Antichrist in the flesh! What will be the outcome, when he eventually has an open opportunity to “hit back really hard to un-wound himself” as he pridefully says?
Presently, I believe the church will be increasingly considered as intolerant extremists, fanatics and fundamentalists as it isolates itself from the rest of society. When Christians start to proclaim Donald Trump’s true identity, this isolation and intolerance will accelerate. If some sick individual claiming to be a Christian, were to inflict a massive terrorist act in the “name” of Christianity, society will become more hostile towards Christians, regarding them as a radical threat. Once The Rapture of The Church takes place, a major disruption of social order will ensue; plummeting the world into temporary chaos and terror. The world would truly know that something…

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