Analysis Of Today's Exhausted Superkids By Frank Bruni

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In his article, “Today’s Exhausted Superkids”, Frank Bruni extensively covers the issue of sleep deprivation in children today. Bruni’s main point is that the lack of sleep among students comes from what he calls the “pressure of perfection” and the constant need to keep up with the rest of their peers. Bruni states how this mentality stunts spontaneity and gives kids so little wiggle room to find true passions, independences, etc.. But while anyone that Bruni consults agrees that kids need to slow down, they know that slowing down for some kids will just get the others farther ahead, which is viewed as unacceptable to so many people.
We’ve all been there: couldn’t fall asleep, couldn’t stay asleep, had to stay up late to catch up on work.
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The answer is yes, but the main sources may surprise some people. This catalyzation of sleep deprivation is a product of society itself. No one comes out and says “I think that kids should get less sleep!,” but the idea is relayed through principals that society upholds. So many people in this day and age are so focused on the idea of perfection. Getting the grade, doing all the extracurriculars, going to all the sports games, every event, on top of juggling a personal life. Frank Bruni’s quote sums up this mentality perfectly: “Lose a few winks but never a few steps.” Kids have become so focused on this “perfection” that they are always striving for, that a minor setback seems like the end of the world. I constantly see kids checking their grades in class, asking teachers how the x assignment will affect their grade, then going into a panic when there may be only 3 grades in, but one of them is below a C. Bringing their grade down a notch from “perfection.” This mentality has created a lack in versatility in kids that is oh so essential for …show more content…
Because, “why take an art class if you can instead double up on science (even though you can take all of those classes anyways at one a year)?” “Why take a band class when instead you could take a foreign language?” So many students skip out on artistic opportunities or classes that allow them to express themselves to chase after that “perfection.” With no room for self expression, how can one truly find a passion, something that they would be happy doing for the rest of their life? Something that fulfills them, something that gives them purpose? Unfortunately, these passions that people often find are not on track with “perfection,” and are discarded to chase the “holy grail” of society, the high paying job, the nice car, nice house, family, etc. All of which often times are found

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