Pros And Cons Of The R. I. P Program

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The R.I.P Program
In regards to the R.I.P system my position would be against it. For instance, using technology to determine outcomes of a person’s wellbeing, is insane in my opinion because doctors are depriving a human being from treatment, because a computer program helped them make that “informed decision”. The reason as to why I am position against the system is because a computer can interpret something incorrectly, causing a doctor to make a misguided decision about the need for a patient to be helped. But because technology is making decisions for the doctor, or as stated in the article it does not make the decision but it helps the doctors make more informed decisions (Para.2), a patient will not be administered the care they may need.
The R.I.P program should not be used because just like humans, it can make biased decisions as well. For example in the article it
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This program is just a start to the rapid growth in medical technology. I think the most ethical way to use medical technology, is to use it as a guide to treat a patient and not to determine whether they are eligible for treatment or to let them just die. Also to help doctors decide what treatment is best to pro-long a life, as best they can, as well as help them to determine a more urgent patient from a minor patient. However it should also be used to help a doctor decide who can be postponed and who needs immediate attention. Though I am not educated in the importance of the advances in medical technology, I still do not believe a computer should be used to help a doctor determine whether to help a patient or just turn them away and let them die without trying. The R.I.P program will always criticized and I agree with those critics because a life should not be determined by

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