Analysis Of The Poem ' The Glo ' Essay

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Kendrick’s Memory Book


GLO Renaissance

Suddenly, I Became Kendrick


Growing Up In Alief And Sugar Land

I Wish I Could See My Dad Again

Underclassman Years

At Last, I’m A Senior

GLO Love



Birth of the GLO

With a burst into the past, the Hurd-Hamilton family lived on the nice side of Hiram Clarke. My great grandmother, Ruth, met a young stud of French descent while he was working hard in a factory in which her parents owned. Her family did not like many of the people they employed seeing them as “immigrant scum workers. For Ruth, she fell in love with a young man by the name of Adrien.The two young adults dated each other for about a year and a half before her finally knew about their secret relationship. He did not approve of the two being together and the situation only became worse when he found out she would soon have his child as well. Her father ordered her out of the house at once and Ruth left to go live with Adrien. Ruth became the wife of Adrien and they started a large family almost instantly. Eleven years later passed and they had a large family with five children of their own: Sharon, Cynthia, William, Reginald and Lilleth. Years later, my grandmother Lilleth would go through the same thing with a young black man named Carl Hurd who later would marry Lilleth. Ruth did not approve of young Carl, making Lilleth flee away from her family to pursue her true love. She eventually…

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