Essay about Analysis Of The Movie ' School Of Rock '

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The Movie School of Rock takes a “spin on education.” As important English, Math, and Science is, it is also important for the students to learn about themselves and life lessons too.
Dewey is a washed up rocker living in his friend’s apartment. He takes his friend’s substitute teaching job to earn some cash to pay him back. When Dewey walks in he is hung-over and unkempt. About the only thing he teaches his class on that first day is the definition of “hangover,” and even this lesson is offered only as an explanation for why he is scrapping the regular instructor’s curriculum plan. Dewey is the last person I would entrust to teach my class. Most teachers in movies are depicted as forward thinkers and progressive; Dewey however seems to be behind the times.
Black’s character has no idea what he is doing; he does not use traditional methods of teaching. Using what he knows best, rock-and-roll, Dewey begins to become a more passionate and dedicated teacher. He develops personal relationships with the students, makes ethical choices based on his students’ best interests, and even challenges his students to make real world choices with the problems they face through the battle of the bands process. Zach’s song, is a tribute to the impact Black’s curriculum had on Zack’s awareness into the process of his schooling:
“Baby, we was makin’ straight A’s
But we were stuck in a dumb daze
Don’t take much to memorize your lies
I feel like I’ve been hypnotized.
Oh, you know I was on…

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