Essay on Analysis Of The Movie ' Halloween Night '

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Halloween NIght It was Halloween night and Denim was propped up on is couch watching scary movies and eating chewy candy. Denim Jones is a 14 year old athletic boy, with a head of curly hair, sky blue braces, and he is 5’11 in the eighth-grade. He lives in a small part of Chicago called Screech.

His parents, Paige and Grayson Adams, were out on a date at an expensive restaurant called Goblins Soup for Halloween. Chase, one of Denim’s best friends called him up and asked him if wanted to go to a haunted trail and a clown sighting tonight with their other best friend Nollen. Denim and Denim’s friends all thought they were too old to go trick or treating since they are 14 years old. One thing Denim was scared of was clowns, his parents knew but, his best friends didn’t. They never asked what his fears were or if he had any siblings, so he never said anything. In order for Denim to go he had to ask his parents. So he called his mom.

“ Hello?” Denim’s mom asked as she answered her phone.

Hey mom, can I go to a haunted house tonight with Chase and Nollen?” Denim asked.

“Yea u can go. What time, and does it cost money?” Paige asked also. “Yes mom it cost $5, it starts at 7:30, and one more thing, can I go to a clown sighting to?” Denim hesitantly asked.

“WHAT! No Denim Mason Adams, you remembered what happened to your brother. You will not go to that, only the haunted trail.” Paige snapped.

Denim knew she was going to say no. Back when Denim was around 9…

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