Analysis Of The Book ' Animal Farm ' By George Orwell Essay

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“...But Some Are More Equal Than Others”
The topic of banned and challenged books is a topic that many do not dare to talk about due to the many conflicting opinions.Books are challenged and banned because of these conflicting views but are more easily broken into four main topics: Religious, Social, Sexual, and Political. The book Animal Farm by George Orwell, explores the social and political challenges emerging prior to the Cold War. Animal Farm was published in 1945 by Harcourt,Inc. and has been challenged by many such as teachers, cities, states, and even entire continents. To fully understand why this book has been challenged, readers must know that the book takes place on an imaginary farm in England. The time period isn 't specific but can be assumed to take place during the Russian Revolution ( ). The book’s conflict can be perceived in many ways such as the animals vs Mr.Jones or animals vs pigs, but it is clear that they all have a common protagonist, a pig named Napoleon who is based on Stalin. Two of the other pigs in the story are Snowball and Squealer. Snowball is turned against by Napoleon; he is a representation of Lenin and Leon Trotsky in the story. Squealer on the other hand, is said to be a representation of the propaganda and is Napoleon 's speaker. Along with Squealer,Napoleon also has other minions such as the dogs. The dogs are loyal to napoleon just as the NKUD or police were to Stalin. A main character that lead the book to be challenged is…

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