Analysis Of The Article ' ‚Äã Gun Control ' Essay

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Gun control has been the center of attention as of late. This topic will split people in two groups: liberals and conservatives. Liberals favor stricter laws on guns and think the everyday citizen should not own one. Conservatives on the other hand think the complete opposite. They think everyone should have a firearm for their protection and the protection of others. We can own firearms because of the second amendment. Even though the second amendment lets us own firearms, liberals do not think it applies to citizens. The author of the article is a Liberal and I am a Conservative. I do not agree with her views.
Jill Silos-Rooney starts out her article by mentioning the accidental shooting of a gun instructor. This happened because a nine-year-old girl wanted to shot an Uzi, a sub-machine gun. The instructor was behind her, helping her hold the gun. When she pulled the trigger, the gun recoiled up and shot the instructor in the face. He ended up dying. Liberals like Jill would say that if we had stricter gun control, this accident would have never happened. She also asks the question why would ANYONE ever need to fire such a weapon. We can fire these weapons because it is our constitutional right. Even though it is our right, it is a dangerous and a misinterpretation of the Second Amendment.
To prove her point, Jill says gun control saves lives. She states that conservatives think any act against guns to restrict is a “fascist assault on their…

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