Analysis Of Susan Bordo 's ' Beauty ( Re ) Discovers The Male Body '

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In Susan Bordo’s essay, “Beauty (Re)Discovers the Male Body,” she discusses the appearance of men in advertisements while simultaneously juxtaposing them to female advertisements. Through the piece, she includes many sample advertisements to develop her point. The photos are placed next to the corresponding sections which help make her argument clearer. She also relates her point to John Berger, as she tries to demystify these advertisements in a similar way he tried to do so about artwork in his essay titled “Ways of Seeing.” Berger demystifies art by suggesting the use of image boards to restore meaning to the paintings, while Bordo works to demystify advertisements by trying to discuss why these male advertisements had started. “Men act and women appear,” is the quote she uses from Berger to set the tone for the essay, on how women are expected to appear a certain way and men only act. Through her supportive visual elements and connection to Berger, she works to demystify advertisements while also making her arguments comprehensible. Bordo’s essay is divided into different subunits that get more specific to a certain type of advertisement or an aspect. In the section, Men on Display, Bordo introduces the way males have been suddenly included in advertisements. She describes her first experience with one of these advertisements as “thrilling and disconcerting” (Bordo 168). She was hypnotized by the image, she made the photo her screensaver so she could “stare at her…

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