Analysis Of Staffing Problem And Human Resource Department Essay

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Analysis of the staffing Problem

1. Lack of Communication and Coordination
• There is a lack of communication and coordination between the supervisors and the Human Resource Department. Gerorgia and the Human Resource Department were not given correct specific requirements for hiring the workers, but rather only goals in the forms of numbers to hire people for different departments. This posed a difficulty in acquiring the right kind of people for the departments.
• Therefore, even after training and development, the new employees were not able to meet the expectations. Even the majority of senior employees found them to be not the right fit for the designated jobs. Hence, the goals of the Human Resource Department were not aligned to the organizational goals.

2. Georgia is not hiring from the correct sources-
• Gerogia being a recruiter for a call centre in the past, presumably has used the previous sources to employ people. Call centres usually have casual workers and have a very high turnover rate (Cleveland, B. 2005).
• Therefore, using the similar sources to attracts people for our company has proved adverse. As people from such sources are usually looking for a casual job and we require people who are specialised, dedicated and motivated.
• Hiring from the same source has led to a very high turnover rate of 15% from the 70 new employees within 3 months.

3. Experience Needed-
• Most of the employees that were hired, had no previous experience of…

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