Analysis of Purchasing Habits of Shopping Mall Retail.Doc Essay

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Study of Buying Pattern Shopping Malls (Retail Stores) Customers
(With Reference To Retail Stores in Pune & PCMC.)

Proposed Research work

1. I) Project Title: Study of Buying Pattern Shopping Malls (Retail Stores) Customers (with reference to retail stores in Pune and Pimpri- Chinchwad.)

ii) Introduction

• Origin of the research problem

Retail sector is one of the booming sectors for product promotion for every new and existing manufacturer’s as it provides easy access to particular class of customers. In growing demand for branded products and customized selling made retail shops more consumer friendly and influence there living standard as well as there consumption habits. Retail
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iv) The immense beneficiaries of these research findings will be the local small retailers, they may select policies, strategies to survive and make profit in this area of organized retailing.

v) Social activities and social leaders, who always strive for good of society will get deep insight of this subject, enables them to act accordingly.

iii) Objective:

a) To study test and preferences of retail store customers and nature of buying. b) To analyze and study financial impact over monthly budgets of consumers. c) To study pricing policies of retail marketing and unorganized sector compare them. d) To analyze companies role in retail marketing. e) To study impact of retail over brand awareness. f) To study impact of retail purchasing over consumer living standards of consumer. g) To analyze different forces acting on consumers while purchasing from retail shopping malls.

iv) Methodology

Questionnaire based survey of different retailer’s stores in and around Pune. Total 1000 sample size is expected to analyze to generalize the results. Mostly close ended questions were asked and various retailers interviewed. The data for the study will be collected from customers, retailers and malls. a) Individual Customers : The selection of the sample will be done by

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