A Rhetorical Analysis Of Obama

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The opinion of a leader is often taken into consideration when making choices, people follow the commands of a person with power. The president of the United States is an influential and powerful person. Obama is the current president of the U.S.; his opinion is greatly considered in debates that potentially make a significant impact throughout the nation. Obama can speak his mind towards a person and the people that support him will most likely inclined to believe every word of what he says.
On June 9, 2016 Hillary 's campaigned published the advertisement titled, "President Barack Obama endorses Clinton for president." Throughout the video Obama appears to be sitting on a chair in a room that contains a
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The speaker is the current president of the U.S. his audience is the whole nation. The target audience in the commercial is people that support Obama. He states that "I want those who 've been with me from the beginning of this incredible journey to be the first to know that I 'm with her." To an extent Obama is saying that he supports Hillary and that his followers should support her as well. The audience can also be anyone that can vote. Obama states that "there are millions of Americans, not just Democrats who 've cast their ballots for the very first time." Obama is trying to target as many people as possible, especially people that are eligible to vote. The president is an important individual in any society that his or her beliefs are taken into consideration when making important decisions.
Throughout the advertisement, the vocabulary was simple and the information was clear. Obama went straight to the point. In my opinion, Obama did not use an excessive amount of doublespeak language to hide information from the public, Obama seemed genuine and honest. In this advertisement, Obama was in favor of Clinton for president. This advertisement focused on endorsing Hillary Clinton and her many qualities needed to be a great leader for the country. The advertisement focused on Obama 's belief towards Clinton. Obama 's opinion is a factor that might cause Clinton to win the

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