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Business Plan: Pharaons Tresor:
1. Executive Summary:
Pharaons Tresor, which when translated from French to English means “Pharaohs Treasure” will be the name of our luxury brand of high end bracelet products. Our products will exceed the standard requirements of bracelets today, and dare to implement designs that have never been tried before. Using highly innovative designs and ideas, Pharaons Tresor will be more than just a trendsetting product or temporary niche. Pharaons Tresor will be a brand that will stand out from all the present bracelets currently available in the market today. Pharaons Tresor represents the symbolism of power that Ancient Egypt achieved. We pride ourselves in using the finest handcrafted materials to express the
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Handcrafted and assembled in Indiana. Finding customers with no credibility or anyone knowing the brand. Also cutting down costs price to a minimum.
Knowing our demographics and how to stand out from what’s currently available in the market. Sticking with a certain design and making it be more a style than a temporary trend.
Opportunities Threats
Bracelets are a big in the mens fashion industry. Holding onto merchandise for too long.
Sting HD Others can try and replicate our designs if not perfected the first time and made obviously distinguishable.
Jewelry is a big deal, especially for watch owners and our target market of people who can afford these luxury items. No one knows the Pharaons Tresor brand and the market is currently being dominated by Sting HD.
Online/Social Media/ Websites Establishing credibility to obtain followers/customers and generate traffic to our sites.
Located in the Midwest which is The Crossroads of America, so a high volume of distribution comes in and out of the state, specifically Indianapolis. The Midwest catches on to new fashion and trends later than the west and east coast of the
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Our bracelets will be promoted by exclusive memberships, event sponsorships, taking pictures with our customers to make it personal, the use other luxury items such as high-end cars to build credibility and grasp the customers attention, and by building strong relationships with other jewelry stores to establish retailers across the nation and eventually the world. Also word of mouth and testimonials will us establish our name as a brand and will be crucial for Pharaons Tresors foundation.
• Our product will also use Instagram as our main form of advertising. Instagram will open a direct line of communication for our customers to contact us. It will also allow our customers to be a part of the story of how the Pharaons Tresor brand started. This will allow us as a company to keep a steady relationship with our customers all around the world. Lastly, since Instagram is a free application, it will also save on advertising expenses.
• StingHD: Expensive but their clients can afford it.
Jewelers: Fluctuates with owner knowledge.
• Pharaons Tresor: Competitive and profitable pricing.
• Our product will focus customers from up north that is Louisiana because that is where people who are active in jewelry are located.
• They are also the early adopters of technology and fashion

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